Dear Reader,

Re.: Suspending publication of Terra Spiritus

After serving the Australian community for the last five years, Pauline Electronic Publishing regrets to announce we have decided to suspend further publication of Terra Spiritus, effective 1 December 2010.

Unfortunately, changes in the circumstances of the publishing team have made it impossible to meet our publishing commitments at this time.

We are proud to have been able to provide our readers with a unique Australian web-based magazine on Christian spirituality. We value the very positive feedback we have received from so many of you over the years, and are grateful and delighted that Terra Spiritus articles have truly touched the lives of so many.  

The Terra Spiritus Article Archive will continue to be available to you until your subscription expires, and there will also be the possibility of renewing your access to the Terra Spiritus Article Archive (at the reduced rate) even though new issues are not being published at this time.

We look forward to relaunching Terra Spiritus in the future with the quality articles to nurture your spirituality that you have come to look forward to, as well as making Terra Spiritus easy to access on mobile devices.

Thank you for your support. We will be in touch with you again when we relaunch Terra Spiritus.

Kind regards,
Sr Joanna Coleiro, fsp
Pauline Electronic Publishing

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